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10-10-10 fever @ Judiciary…

Even Justices and Magistrates believe in “10-10-10” or October 10, 2010 luck.

This was after the Court of Appeals (CA), led by Presiding Justice Andres Reyes Jr. and Bienvenido Reyes, went to their offices on a Sunday and conducted the groundbreaking ceremonies for the re-construction and rehabilitation of the old building of the appellate court. It was done exactly at 10 in the morning to effect a “10-10-10-10 result.”

The building was destroyed by fire on July 26, 2007 due to faulty electrical wiring and even the Presiding Justice himself was not able to hold office in the said building where he is supposed to.

According to PJ Reyes they decided to do the lowering of the time capsule believing that it will bring luck to the entire judiciary, specifically with the appellate court.

“It is a rare occasion to encounter a date like 10-10-10 or October 10, 2010. We hope that it will bring good luck to the entire judiciary, particularly the Court of Appeals.” the chief magistrate of the CA said.

Bienvenido, the Chairman of the Committee for the construction of the said building, stressed that he strongly believes that charm will be sent with the CA.

While the two magistrates believe that a person makes his own destiny, but there is nothing wrong if they will follow with the “feng shui” charm of the said date.

It was leaarned that several justices in the CA, Sandiganbayan and even with the Supreme Court who believes in “feng shui” that would bring luck to them and take away the bad vibes and spirits.

There were magistrates who tried to move the tables inside their chambers from one place to another were the energy of good luck flows.

“Siyempre nasa tao pa rin naman yan dahil ang tao ang gagawa ng kanyang kasaysayan pero wala namang masama kung susunod tayo,” the two justices pointed out.

It was learned that the building was supposed to have been constructed after it was burned in 2007, but the it encountered a disagreement with the then Department of Public Works and Highways officials who are asking a huge amount of money for the planning of the building alone. The CA voided the contract and entered a new one. (excerpts from an article of Mr. Jomar Canlas/Manila Times)


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