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P-Noy remarks, quite disturbing – SC

SC Spokesman Midas Marquez: While it is the prerogative of the President to speak his mind we find it quite disturbing that it was delivered during the First National Criminal Justice System Summit organized no less by the Supreme Court together with the Department of Justice and the Department of Interior and Local Government through the Justice Sector Coordinating Council where cooperation and coordination were being solicited and necessary between and among the stakeholders of the justice sector if we are to make our justice system more effective.

It is not at all unusual for the executive branch to disagree with the judicial branch but what is considerably unusual is for the chief executive to look down on members of the Judiciary in public at a Justice Sector Coordinating Council session and to their faces denounced the Court’s independent actions as the Chief Justice sat speechless, motionless and expressionless because of the requirements of protocol.

Let everyone be assured however that the Court will continue to perform its constitutional mandate of settling actual controversies and determining won there is gad on any branch or instrumentality of the government. The Court will likewise continue to promulgate rules concerning the protection of constitutional rights and procedure in all courts which shall be simplified and inexpensive for the speedy disposition of all cases. Our system of government is bound by the rule of law by written constitution and the justices of the court will continue to interpret what the law is in accordance with their respective appreciation of given set of facts and applicable laws taking into consideration their respective beliefs and philosophies. We must however, always be reminded not of the individual significance of justices including the chief justice but of the institutional importance of SC in our constitutional democracy. In this respect, the court will never shirk from the duty the constitution has conferred to it.

While it is recognized that the three co-equal branches of government have a system of proper checks and balances, it must likewise be recognized that no one department has overruling influence over the other regardless of how popular one branch is at a given period of time as the accumulation of all powers in the same hands whether one, a few or many or whether appointed or elected may justly be the very definition of tyranny.

Perhaps the invocation of checks and balances must have the proper setting, circumstances and decorum.

There were issues of proper settings, circumstances and decorum. We welcome checks and balances but it can be done in other forums.

It (walkout) can be done but we don’t want the people to suffer. We will continue to work with different stakeholders to have an efficient justice system.


December 5, 2011 - Posted by | Justice Issue, National, Unusual

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